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Architectural models

Architectural models have long been a staple application of 3D printing processes, for producing accurate demonstration models of an architects vision. 3Dprinting offers a relatively fast, easy and economically viable method of producing detailed models directly from 3D CAD, BIM or other digital data that architects use. Many architectural firms, now commonly use 3D printing as a critical part of their workflow for increased innovation and improved communication.

CloneMe creates precise, absolute and colourful replicas of your imagination with in a short duration. CloneMe gives you the power to effectively communicate your designs by providing cost effective and rapid prototype models. CloneMe is a pioneer in 3D Printing. Using latest technology, we create scalable physical models which give you the competitive edge you require to market your project.

Architects, designers, developers, construction and landscape firms advocate our professional and affordable services CloneMe is an ideal solution for making large scale models, a single building, detailed models or shadow studies.Geographic Information Systems 3D data can be printed to depict the city landscapes, railway projects, high way projects and much more.
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