What is 3D printing ? What is a 3D selfie?

Basic Info

Not at all. We rely 100% on digital photography technology and IR scans which are safe . All we do is take a lot of photos of you in one split-second. We fire a flash and your pictures are taken.
Yes you will need to hold still for approximately 60 seconds, but don't worry our trained professionals will walk you through the whole process making the process fun and exciting .
Think of the sculpture as an original painting that you want to treat carefully. Thin parts of the structure, like fingers or ears, can break if they fall onto a hard surface. Heat over 70°C, water, strong humidity, and direct sunlight can harm the surface, colours could fade under these circumstances. However, the surface has been treated with a special coating to make the figurine structurally healthy for a long time.
Part of that has to remain our secret, but we're happy to share that you're being seen from a lot of different angles around you at the exact same time. Our program then aligns all images together to make one 3D form printing technology. However, the technology is comparably new and still has a few limitations to overcome in the future.
Basically any pose. Limitations are only due to the nature of the small scale. Details like spread fingers or strands of hair, etc. tend to break and are unable to be printed. Currently our scanning volume is set to a virtual bounding box of about 15 x 10 x 8 inches in height. You can do almost give any pose that fits into this dimension . Additonal stacks can be created and joined to make a 6 feet structure too !
Yes you can but there are additional charges and waiting time as we have to create a rendered image from scratch which takes approximately 1-2 weeks. Email us for more information.
Absolutely. We keep the digital data archived for a while.
You can book online or by calling our store.
Yes you can, just email us the desired date and quantity.
Certainly, email us your details and we will give you a quote on the booking
It will take 1-2 weeks to manufacture the product and then shipping depending on your location. We are located in Bangalore.
The shipping charge will depend on your location and the size of the product.
For lifelike results, the quality of your photos is important. Please use a digital camera. A mobile phone is not recommended because the resolution is too low, but a 5.0 megapixel or higher resolution phone (iPhone 4 or higher for example) is OK as long as you don't use the front-facing camera. Use the flash, even if it's daytime, and get a friend to take your picture the angle will be off if you try to do it yourself. Use a photo with a neutral expression (you can smile, but keep your mouth closed and teeth hidden). No hair on the forehead, and no glasses. We know that getting a profile photo can be tricky, especially when you're making a 3D Mini Me as a surprise gift! However, the profile photos really help so send whatever you can. Please get in touch with us to know the full details regarding the photos to be taken.
Please note that only generic models are shown during the order process - your final figurine with your face, head on it will be a surprise you'll get to see when it arrives. The process will aim to match your face as much as possible but please note that the finish product will not be identical to you image because the materials used are ceramic like, with a sandstone finish. Like a ceramic object, the 3D figurines must be handled with care.
Yes! We sample each photo sent to us and match the skin tone as closely as possible on all exposed skin but will not be 100%. Any figurine can be made in any skin tone.
Your figurine is NOT A TOY. The materials are earth-friendly and similar to ceramic in feel, but not suited for children and not rough-and-tumble ready. Treat your figurine with respect - like a collectible.

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