3D printed medical models , surgical planning and customized patient specific implants in India


We are CloneMe, a Bangalore based 3D printing tech start-up. Our focused applications include providing customised solutions in healthcare, architectural and consumer sector leveraging 3d printing technologies. CloneMe aims to enable customers to produce innovative and high quality products, which are cost effective. The medical segment of CloneMe is poised to change the way surgeons plan complex surgical cases thereby reducing costs to patients and increasing precision and accuracy of the treatment. We offer customized surgical models , surgical guides and patient specific implants for reconstruction, thereby offering end to end solutions from surgical planning to rehabilitaiton. All this is done with with the help of its proprietary cloud based software solutions that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Our endeavour is to provide low cost 3D solutions to benefit the overall healthcare industry, doctors and benefitting the patients ultimately

We use various medical imaging files such as CT scans, MRI scans, X-ray and convert them into 3D models for doctors to study a case with more perception. This helps doctors plan the surgery outside the operation theatre at ease which saves several hours of operation time for the patient reducing blood loss, stress and excruciating pain.

With our patient-specific treatment products and services, we're on a mission to revolution the medical world.
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